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Papers of the 9th CSSSZ

Recentni radovi članova HZU:

The application of the packed bed reactor theory to Pb and Zn uptake from the binary solution onto the fixed bed of natural zeolite
2016; Chemical Engineering Journal; Ivona Nuić, Marina Trgo, Nediljka Vukojević Medvidović
Synthesis and structure characterization of zinc and cadmium dipeptide coordination polymers,
2016; New journal of chemistry; Puškarić, A., Halasz, I., Gredičak, M., Palčić, A., Bronić, J.
Impact of external surface passivation of nano-ZSM-5 zeolites in the methanol-to-olefins reaction,
2016; Applied Catalysis A: General; Losch, P., Boltz, M., Bernardon, C., Louis, B., Palčić, A., Valtchev, V.
Emergence of Oxacillinases in Environmental Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Associated with Clinical Isolates,
2016; Microbial Drug Resistance; Goić-Barišić, I., Hrenović, J., Kovačić, A., Musić, M.S., A.
Structural and degradation studies of a biocompatible Zn-L-tartrate metal-organic framework,
2015; Journal of Solid State Chemistry; Mazaj, M., Kaučič, S., Zabukovec Logar, N.


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Here you can download papers from Proceedings of 9th CROATIAN-SLOVENIAN-SERBIAN SYMPOSIUM ON ZEOLITES, held in Split, 23-25 September 2021.

Publisher: Croatian Zeolite Association (CROZA)

ISSN: 2584-3176

pdf-icon Cover pages


pdf-icon Impressum & content

Pl:pdf-icon  Opportunities in defects engineering and healing in zeolites
Authors: Svetlana Mintova et al.
Page: 1

In:pdf-icon  Examining zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) for ethanol adsorption
Autor: Ciara Byrne
Pages: 2-5

pdf-icon Synthesis and characterization of boron modified zeolite with MFI structure
Autors: Sanja Bosnar et al.
Pages: 6-9

pdf-icon Green synthesis of ZIF-90 and its mixed metal analogues
Authors: Aljaž Škrjanc et al.
Pages: 10-13

pdf-icon Effect of metal cations in FAU type zeolite on acid sites.pdf
Authors: Glorija Medak et al.
Pages: 14-17

pdf-icon Distribution of Al sites in SSZ-13 zeolites
Autor: Ana Palčić et al.
Pages: 18-21

pdf-icon Fe and Ce exchanged ZSM-5 zeolites as electrocatalysts for ORR and OER reactions
Autor: Vladislav Rac et al.
Pages: 22-25

Pl:pdf-icon  Past and future of zeolite materials
Author: Valentin Valtchev
Page: 26

In: pdf-icon The durability properties of concrete incorporating zeolitic tuff
Authors: Taras Markiv et al.
Pages: 27-30

pdf-icon NiZSM-5 as efficient catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of levulinic acid to y-valerolactone in vapor phase
Authors: Hue-Tong Vu et al.
Pages: 31-34

pdf-icon Photocatalysis of bisphenol A in aqueous solution by zeolitetitania composites
Autors: Srna Stojanović et al.
Pages: 35-38

pdf-icon Photocatalytic removal of dyes from wastewater under solar lights by natural clinoptilolite from different regions
Authors: Jelena Pavlović et al.
Pages: 39-42

pdf-icon Composites of phillipsite-rich tuff and surfactant – their characterization and stability
Authors: Danijela Smiljanić et al.
Pages: 43-46

pdf-icon Removal of arsenic(III) oxyanions from wastewater using aminosilane-modified natural and synthetic zeolite
Authors: Jelena Dimitrijević et al.
Pages: 47-50

pdf-icon ZSM-5 as sorbent for removal of linuron from water
Autors: Mladenka Novaković et al.
Pages: 51-54

pdf-icon Silanol networks in zeolites investigated with solid-state NMR
Authors: Eddy Dib et al.
Pages: 55-58

pdf-icon Characterization of metal species in metal-modified hierarchical mordenite
Authors: Ivana Landripet et al.
Pages: 59-62

Pl:pdf-icon  Zeolite template carbon performances in catalitic and adsorption applications
Author: Girolamo Giordano
Page: 63

In:pdf-icon  The height of the Schottky barrier versus the photocatalytic activity of TiO2+Au composites under visible-light illumination
Authors: Gregor Žerjav et al.
Pages: 64-67

pdf-icon The efficiency of natural clinoptilolite for ciprofloxacin removal from aqueous media
Authors: Barbara Kalebić et al.
Pages: 68-71

pdf-icon Does bacterial surface hydrophobicity level influence their immobilization onto natural zeolite
Authors: Jasna Hrenović et al.
Pages: 72-74

pdf-icon Natural zeolite as a tool for modelling bacterial biofilm development in static conditions
Authors: Tomislav Ivanković et al.
Pages: 75-78

pdf-icon Preparation and antibacterial activity of composites based on thymol_carvacrol and clinoptilolite
Authors: Jelena Dikić et al.
Pages: 79-82

pdf-icon Comparison of coagulation and electrocoagulation with addition of natural zeolite for treatment of biowaste compost leachate
Authors: Nediljka Vukojević Medvidović et al.
Pages: 83-86

pdf-icon Analysis of Bohart-Adams model equations for description of adsorption in fixed bed-column
Authors: Nediljka Vukojević Medvidović et al.
Pages: 87-90

pdf-icon Equilibrium study of copper ions adsorption on the natural clinoptilolite-rich zeolitic tuff
Authors: Mario Nikola Mužek et al.
Pages: 91-94

pdf-icon 095_Prediction of zeolite barrier capability in treatment of groundwater polluted by Pb, Cd and Zn.pdf
Authors: Ivona Nuić et al.
Pages: 95-98

Pl: pdf-icon  Zeolite surface passivation Core-shell systems from synthesis to catalytic applications
Author: Massimo Migliori
Page: 99

In: pdf-icon  Environmental-friendly modified natural zeolites as sorbents for in situ remediation of mercury-contaminated soil in Idrija region, Slovenia
Authors: Marin Ugrina et al.
Pages: 100-103

pdf-icon Author index and SPONSORS
Pages: 104-108

Pl - Plernary Lecture; In - Invited Lecture