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Papers of the 7th CSSSZ

Recentni radovi članova HZU:

The application of the packed bed reactor theory to Pb and Zn uptake from the binary solution onto the fixed bed of natural zeolite
2016; Chemical Engineering Journal; Ivona Nuić, Marina Trgo, Nediljka Vukojević Medvidović
Synthesis and structure characterization of zinc and cadmium dipeptide coordination polymers,
2016; New journal of chemistry; Puškarić, A., Halasz, I., Gredičak, M., Palčić, A., Bronić, J.
Impact of external surface passivation of nano-ZSM-5 zeolites in the methanol-to-olefins reaction,
2016; Applied Catalysis A: General; Losch, P., Boltz, M., Bernardon, C., Louis, B., Palčić, A., Valtchev, V.
Emergence of Oxacillinases in Environmental Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Associated with Clinical Isolates,
2016; Microbial Drug Resistance; Goić-Barišić, I., Hrenović, J., Kovačić, A., Musić, M.S., A.
Structural and degradation studies of a biocompatible Zn-L-tartrate metal-organic framework,
2015; Journal of Solid State Chemistry; Mazaj, M., Kaučič, S., Zabukovec Logar, N.


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Here you can download papers from Proceedings of 7th SLOVENIAN-SERBIAN-CROATIAN SYMPOSIUM ON ZEOLITES, held in Ljubljana, May 25-27, 2017.

Editors: Nataša Zabukovec Logar, Nevenka Rajić, Josip Bronić

Publisher: Croatian Zeolite Association (CROZA)

ISSN: 2584-3176

pdf-icon Impressum and Contents

Authors: Juergen Senker et al.
Page: 1-2

In:pdf-icon  Towards New Concepts in the Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts
Author: Jorge Gascon
Page: 3-4

In:pdf-icon Endo-and Exo-templated Materials for Water Splitting
Author: Harun Tüysüz
Page: 5-6

pdf-icon Issues in the Assessment of Textural Properties of Micro/Mesoporous Zeolitic Materials Using Low Temperature Nitrogen Adsorption
Authors: Vladislav Rac et al.
Page: 7-10

pdf-icon Compression of Zeolites in "Penetrating" Fluids: An Overview
Authors: Paolo Lotti et al.
Page: 11-14

Pl:pdf-icon Storage and Delivery of Medical Gases Using Zeolites and Metal-Organic Frameworks
Author: Russell E. Morris
Page: 15-16

In:pdf-icon Insights Into the Formation of Zeolites by Studying of the Reaction Precursors
Author: Ana Palčić
Page: 17-18

pdf-icon In-situ Growth of Metal-Organic Frameworks via Metal-Oxide Recrystallization: a New Approach of MOF@polyHIPE Design
Authors: Matjaž Mazaj et al.
Page: 19-22

pdf-icon  Synthesis of Zinc and Cadmium Glycyl-L-Phenylalanine Coordination Polymers: Mechanochemical Approach
Authors: Andreas Puškarić et al.
Page: 23-26

In:pdf-icon Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass by Zeolites and Mesoporous Aluminosilicates
Author: Kostas S. Triantafyllidis
Page: 27-28

pdf-icon Thermo-chemical Conversions of Biomass –New Trends
Author: Michael Stöcker
Page: 29-30

pdf-icon  Syringol Production in the Presence of NiO/H-ZSM-5: Influence of Lignin Origin and Lignin Depolymerisation Method
Authors: Jelena Milovanović et al.
Page: 31-34

pdf-icon Mesoporous Ordered or Disordered Silica for ZnO Immobilization and Wastewater Treatment
Authors: Andraž Šuligoj
Page: 35-38

Pl:pdf-icon Structural Variability, Shaping and Catalysis With d(0) Metal Based MOFs
Authors: Dirk De Vos et al.
Page: 39-40

In:pdf-icon From Methanol to DME: Comparison From 1-D to 3-D Zeolite in the Catalytic Behaviour
Author: Girolamo Giordano
Page: 41-42

In:pdf-icon On the Antibacterial Activity of Metal-exchanged Zeolites
Authors: Jelena Milenković et al.
Page: 43-46

pdf-icon Reduction of Acinetobacter Baumannii Biofilm Formation by Natural Zeolite
Authors: Svjetlana Dekić
Page: 47-50

pdf-icon Immobilization of Acinetobacter Baumannii Onto Natural Zeolite Dependent on the Nutrient Concentration of Water Media
Authors: Tomislav Ivanković et al.
Page: 51-54

pdf-icon Lead Removal From Water Solutions by Natural and Fe(III)-modified Zeolite Encapsulated With Alginate
Authors: Milan Kragović et al.
Page: 55-58

pdf-icon Leaching Behaviour of Natural "Low Cost"Sorbents Saturated With Zinc and Copper
Authors: Nediljka Vukojević Medvidović et al.
Page: 59-62

pdf-icon Design of a Two-stage Sorption System for Zn andCd Removal Onto Iron-modified Zeolite - Mass Optimization
Authors: Marin Ugrina et al.
Page: 63-66

pdf-icon Positron Annihilation Characteristics of Some Low-Silica Zeolites
Authors: Sanja Bosnar et al.
Page: 67-70

In:pdf-icon Design of Water Sorbents for Energy Storage and transformation
Authors: Alenka Ristić et al.
Page: 71-74

pdf-icon Microporous Aluminophosphates for Heat Reallocation
Authors: Andraž Krajnc et al.
Page: 75-78

pdf-icon The Assessment of Natural Zeolite as a Material for Remediation of Mercury Contaminated Water Bodies
Authors: Ivona Nuić et al.
Page: 79-82

pdf-icon Structural Characteristics of a Clinoptilolite / Iron Oxide Composite
Authors: Sanja Jevtić et al.
Page: 83-86

pdf-icon Determining the Structure of Chemisorbed CO2 Species in Amine‑Functionalized Mesoporous Silicas By Solid‑State NMR and Computational Modeling
Authors: Tomaž Čendak et al.
Page: 87-90

pdf-icon Water Adsorption Behavior of Dealuminated Zeolite Y
Authors: Oleg Pliekhov et al.
Page: 91-94

pdf-icon Environmental Impact of Foamed Glass Prepared From Sewage Sludge Ash
Authors: Marin Ganjto et al.
Page: 95-98

pdf-icon Mechanism and Kinetics of Phosphate Removal From Water Media Using Iron(III)-Modified Clinoptilolite
Authors: Iva Kaplanec et al.
Page: 99-102

pdf-icon Adsorption of Ochratoxin a by Surfactant Modified Phillipsite
Authors: Marija Marković et al.
Page: 103-106

pdf-icon Influence of Natural Zeolite -Clinoptilolite on Potassium and Nitrate Retention in Different Soil Types
Authors: Jelena Pavlović et al.
Page: 107-110

pdf-icon Functionalization of HKUST-1 With Ethylenediamine for Effective CO2 Adsorption
Authors: Nika Vatič et al.
Page: 111-114

pdf-icon Point Charge Fitting Redux
Author: Jure Varlec
Page: 115-119

pdf-icon Authors Index and SPONSORS
Page: 101-103

Pl - Plernary Lecture; In - Invited Lecture